Holiday Cottage, Dordogne, France

1. DEFINITIONSThroughout this document. OWNER: The principal who offers property for hire.

HIRER: You, the holidaymaker.

HIRE CHARGE: The cost of hiring the property for the HIRE PERIOD.

TOTAL HIRE PERIOD: The period from the commencement of the first consecutive HIRE PERIOD, or if only one HIRE PERIOD is booked, that HIRE PERIOD.

HIRE PERIOD: See 4 below.

TOTAL HIRE CHARGE: The cost of hiring the property for consecutive HIRE PERIODs, or if only one period is booked, the HIRE CHARGE for that period.

2. BOOKINGS All bookings are subject to these conditions except by prior arrangements confirmed in writing by the OWNER. Telephone bookings will be held for seven clear days to allow for receipt of the completed booking form and the initial deposit. A deposit of 20% of the HIRE CHARGE is payable upon booking. The balance of the total HIRE CHARGE must be paid at least eight weeks before the beginning of the TOTAL HIRE PERIOD, failing which the deposit may be forfeited and the hiring cancelled at the sole discretion of the OWNER. Reminders will not be sent to HIRERs when the balance falls due. In the event of late payment of a balance, the right is reserved to cancel the hiring. When bookings are made eight weeks or less in advance, the whole of the HIRE CHARGE must be paid on booking.

3. SECURITY DEPOSIT £160.00 deposit is payable with the final balance to be held against any breakages or damages. The deposit is returnable within one month of the end of the HIRE PERIOD if everything is in order, subject to any necessary deductions for damages, telephone charges, or extras not separately paid for. If there are any charges in excess of the breakage deposit the HIRER agrees to reimburse the OWNER. Any substantial damage caused by the HIRER, the HIRER's family or the HIRER's invitees or behaviour of an unacceptable type will result in immediate eviction without compensation and a claim for loss and damages by the OWNER. In this event the OWNER will have no further contractual obligation to the HIRER.

4. HIRE PERIODS Hirings normally run from 4.00pm on the first day of the HIRE PERIOD to 10.00am on the last day of the HIRE PERIOD. If the time of arrival is to be later than 8.00pm on the first day of the let the OWNER must be informed so that the keyholder can be notified. In the event of late arrival resulting in failure to gain access to the property, responsibility for overnight accommodation is the HIRER's. The number of persons staying in a property must not exceed the number specified in the literature provided for each property unless by prior agreement with the OWNER. The OWNER has the right to cancel the hiring if the number of persons arriving at the property exceeds those notified and agreed on the booking form.

5. FUEL AND CLEANING HIRE CHARGEs are inclusive of water, gas and electricity charges (where appropriate) in high season. Gas and electricity in all seasons will be metered on consumption. Unreasonably high consumption will be charged from the £ 160.00 deposit at cost. Unreasonable consumption will be determined by, and at the sole discretion of the OWNER. HIRER's are expected to leave holiday accommodation clean and tidy. We would ask you to undertake a minimum of cleaning before your departure. This should include tidying, washing up, the removal of rubbish and tidying of bed linen. If the property needs any major cleaning after your stay you will be charged for this and the amount will be deducted from your security deposit.

6. SWIMMING POOL Use of the swimming pool is entirely at the responsibility of the HIRER. The OWNER accepts no responsibility for accidents or injuries occurring in connection with the pool except where directly caused by OWNER's own negligence. The HIRER agrees to take all precautions necessary to ensure the safety of himself and other members of the party and to avoid all dangerous activities in the vicinity of the pool. The depth of the pool is between 1.2m and 2m, and it is the HIRER's responsibility to ensure that minors are supervised at all times in the vicinity of the pool. The pool is of liner construction and great care must be taken to avoid damage. The HIRER agrees to take every reasonable care to avoid damage to the liner, to follow the pool care recommendations provided at the time of occupation, and to ensure that glassware is not used in the vicinity of the pool. Plastic glasses are provided for use near the pool. The HIRER will be liable for any damage to the liner caused by reckless or willful action.

7. LINEN Sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases and towels are provided. Improper use use of any towel or other item or damage caused by the use of hair colouring or bleaching agents will be charged at replacement cost plus a £10 administration fee.

8. FACILITIES Every effort has been made to ensure that description of the property and nearby facilities are accurate. However, the OWNER cannot accept any liability for any changes. Conditions in rural France are often different from those in England (for example, plumbing is not renowned for its efficiency) and the OWNER cannot be held responsible for technical problems, nor can he accept any responsibility for animals, birds, insects which may be present in or around the property. The OWNER will make all best efforts to rectify any technical problems that are reported to him. The use of the accommodation and the amenities, where offered (such as swimming pool, bicycles, etc) is entirely at the HIRER's risk. HIRERs and their parties leave personal belongings in or around the property entirely at their own risk and the OWNER cannot be held responsible for any injuries or losses however caused. The HIRER is hereby notified that the presence of a swimming pool at the property presents potential risks, especially to children.

9. TELEPHONE All calls will be charged to the HIRER at cost. The cost of calls will be deducted from the security deposit in the first instance. In the event that there is any shortfall, the HIRER will be liable to pay any additional call charges over and above those recovered from the security deposit.

10. BICYCLES The HIRER has the option to hire bicycles at the property, at additional charge, if required. The following additional conditions apply to bicycle hire.

10.1 The HIRER shall inspect the bicycles on taking up occupancy and report any damage to the OWNER.
10.2 In the event that the bicycles are found to be unfit for use because of previous damage or wear and tear, the bicycle HIRE CHARGEs will be refunded to the HIRER and the OWNER shall have no further liability.
10.3 The OWNER is not responsible for any mechanical failure of the bicycles, and the OWNER's liability is limited to the sums paid for hire of the bicycles. It is the HIRER's responsibility to ensure that the bicycles are in good working order before use, and the OWNER shall not be liable for any additional costs, such as transport costs caused by their use.
10.4 Use of the bicycles is entirely the responsibility of the HIRER. The OWNER accepts no liability for personal or third party injury caused by use of the bicycles.
10.5 The HIRER shall take all reasonable care to maintain the bicycles in good condition and ensure that they are left clean and in good working order on departure
10.6 The HIRER shall report any damage caused to the bicycles or loss of the bicycles to the OWNER as soon as possible.
10.7 The HIRER will be liable to pay for any damage or loss caused to the bicycles. The cost of repair or replacement will be deducted from the security deposit in the first instance. In the event that there is any shortfall, the HIRER will be liable to pay any additional costs over and above those recovered from the security deposit.
10.8 The HIRER shall ensure that the bicycles are locked at all times when they are not in use or out of the HIRER's sight. The HIRER shall lock the bicycles on departure.
11. ALTERNATIVE ACCOMMODATION Bookings are made on the understanding that the accommodation booked will be available for the dates specified. If, due to circumstances beyond the OWNER`s control, this is not possible, every effort will be made to provide alternative accommodation. Failing this, the OWNER will make a prompt and full refund of all money paid, and there will be no claim against the OWNER. In the event of the booking being cancelled or altered by reason of force majeure (which includes floods, storms, riots, strikes, wars, and Acts of God) or other events outside the OWNER`s control, the OWNER cannot accept liability. If the HIRER or any other person in the hire party falls ill on holiday or for any reason has to return early, the OWNER cannot be responsible for any additional costs nor can any part of the HIRE CHARGE be returned.

12. CANCELLATION CHARGES In the event of cancellation by the HIRER, a charge will be made as follows:

  More than twelve weeks before the holiday......... 20% of the cost

  twelve to eight weeks before the holiday.............. 50% of the cost

  Less than eight weeks before the holiday......... 100% of the cost

13. INSURANCE The OWNER strongly recommends that HIRERs arrange the appropriate holiday insurance.

14. COMPLAINTSIn the unlikely event of a complaint about the property, this should be reported to the OWNER (Tel: 00 44 1539 563750) within three days of arrival and confirmed in writing in a letter posted within one week of arrival. Failure to do this will result in the OWNER being unable to deal with the complaint. Complaints cannot be accepted after a HIRER has returned home and there has been no opportunity to put matters right during the HIRE PERIOD.

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